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A disaster might happen when you are at work, if that happens you will need to think about how you are going to get home and reach your loved ones. If you own a business, or are a manager, you will need to think about how you look after your staff, and how you will keep your business running throughout the emergency and into the recovery period.

Individual Preparedness


In an emergency you may need to walk home, or to stay at your work. Pack a getaway kit or “Go Bag” with things you might need if you have a long way to travel – comfortable shoes, something warm to wear and some food and water. Make sure you know the evacuation procedures for your place of work. If you have children ask their school or preschool about their emergency procedures. 

GRGTLogoFor more information check out Get Ready Get Thru for information about what to pack in your Getaway Kit - Be prepared with a get away kit - Click here! 


Business Continuity Planning


Business continuity planning is vital if your business is to survive a crisis. Business continuity planning will enable you to adapt to the new circumstances presented by the crisis. Some of things you will need to think about for business continuity include how you back up your data, how you keep in contact with staff, and how you maintain your client base.

For more information on Business Continuity Planning check out - ResilientBusiness



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