Response Teams

ResponseTeamResponse Teams (NZ RT’s) provide qualified responders to support Civil Defence Emergency Management Groups and their communities during an emergency event. The teams train regularly to provide specialised support alongside emergency services.  Response teams perform a variety of functions, including light urban search and rescue, storm response and rescue and flood response and rescue.

If you’d like to know more about response teams, the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management has information on their website -



If you’d like to know specifics about the response teams in Canterbury:


NZ-RT01 Canterbury


NZ-RT11 Christchurch

NZ-RT14 Christchurch 

If you are interested in joining a response team in Christchurch City please click on the link 


NZ-RT12 Waimakariri

If you are interested in joining a response team in the Waimakariri District please click on the link and fill in the volunteer form


Timaru Response Team 

For information about CDEM volunteering opportunities in Timaru, head to

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