Potential for Distant Source Tsunami to reach Canterbury

Due to the recent 8.3 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Chile, there is a risk of tsunami waves effecting Banks Peninsula and other coastal Canterbury.


The first wave is expected to arrive at Gisborne shortly after midnight tonight with Canterbury sometime later – the situation is still being fully assessed more details will follow.  The first wave may arrive later and may not be the largest and waves may continue for several hours.


People can expect unusually strong currents and unpredictable water flows near the shore. This means there is a threat to beach, harbour, estuary and small boat activities. The severity of currents and changing water flows will vary within a particular coastal areas.  Current assessments indicate that coastal inundation (flooding of land areas near the shore) is not expected but this assessment may change.  

It is important for people in coastal areas to:

1. Stay off beaches
2. Stay out of the water (sea, rivers and estuaries, including boating activities)
3. Do not go sightseeing
4. Share this information with family, neighbours and friends
5. Listen to the radio and/or TV for updates
6. Follow instructions of your local Civil Defence authorities.



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