Get Ready Week 2017 - Stay Safe, Stay Informed


Two thirds of Cantabrians feel it is very important to be prepared for a disaster, but only half of people have taken steps to be prepared in the last 12 months, new research shows.

The research, commissioned by Canterbury Civil Defence Emergency Management, was released to mark ‘Get Ready Week’. 

Controller Neville Reilly said it highlighted that Cantabrians were hyper-aware of disasters and knew what to do in events, but they weren’t prepared for them.

“Cantabrians are showing very high levels of knowledge about the actions they should take to be prepared for a disaster, but there is a big discrepancy between knowledge and action which really concerns us,” Mr Reilly said.

In addition to having and regularly updating survival items, there were high levels of knowledge about the need to make a plan (93%) and to have a discussion with family about what to do in an emergency (85%), however only 46 percent of people have a plan of what to do if an event happens while they are away from home.

“Talking to your family and making a plan about what to do in an emergency is free and easy to do. We would love all Cantabrians to take this step.”   

“Stay Safe, Stay Informed” is the theme of ‘Get Ready Week’ which started Monday 9th October. It focusses on how to stay connected in an emergency and where to go to get information.

Some key insights include:

  • 98 per cent of Cantabrians perceive earthquakes to be the most likely disaster that could happen within their lifetime
  • Only 51 per cent of Cantabrians have enough stored water to last the household for at least three days
  • About one-third of Cantabrians were impacted or affected by recent emergency events.

More information on Get Ready week is available here 

See an overview of the key findings of the research here.


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