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Wednesday 19 February 2020

No current emergencies

Welcome to the website of the Canterbury Civil Defence Emergency Management Group. On this website you'll find information on who we are and how civil defence works in Canterbury. You will also find important information on how to prepare for a disaster here. read more

Ever wondered how to reduce the risk of fire around your property?  Check out the website of our tai Fire and Emergency NZ for all the handy tips:


Rural Property Checklist


    Fire Prepared Property



Canterbury Emergency Management

https://www.waimatedc.govt.nz/environment-waste/civil-defence http://www.timaru.govt.nz/emergencies/civil-defence http://www.mackenzie.govt.nz/Site/A-Z/A-C/Civildefence.aspx http://www.ashburtondc.govt.nz/our-services/civil-defence-and-emergency-management/Pages/default.aspx https://www.selwyn.govt.nz/services/civil-defence-And-emergency-management https://www.ccc.govt.nz/services/civil-defence https://www.waimakariri.govt.nz/services/emergencies-and-recovery/waimakariri-civil-defence http://www.hurunui.govt.nz/civil-defence-status/ https://www.kaikoura.govt.nz/our-district/civil-defence/
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